Beyla is proving to be a very fast girl who is giving Hermes a run for his money...

When Beyla showed up at the Sanctuary we weren't sure what to make of this tiny shy little girl who howled mournfully all night until she was placed in an area closer to us. From her very first days with us she desperately wished to bond but wasn't quite sure how, or who to trust.

Since she is so young (only two years) we believe we are only the second kennel she has been in so meeting all the new dogs and people was kind of scary to her. For working dogs like Beyla one the best ways to make her feel right at home is with a little trail therapy and she was more than happy to jump right into harness!

This girl had already seen a few miles in her young life and is an absolutely solid working dog. She has also been showing signs of leadership, very alert, nose to the ground and watchful... ever watchful. The only other dog we have had who has shown such an intensity working with people and taking commands is Juno, and she is by far one of our very best dependable leaders.

Since Beyla has not been at the Sanctuary very long we are not sure if she knows her trail commands. When a dog changes hands and starts working with another musher they may know their 'gee' or 'haw' (right and left) but the way a command is said takes some dogs a bit of time to get used to, especially if they change hands from a male musher to a female, or vise versa. Even a slight change of tone in a vocal command can be confusing which is why we always give our new dogs a whole lot of time to settle in before we know they are fully showing us all they can do.

Beyla is proving to be a very fast girl who is giving Hermes a run for his money. When he slacks off a bit and settles into his cruising speed (about 7 or 8 mph) she gets a little confused but keeps right on going. In time she will come to find that we aren't out to run or win any races. Its all about being out the on trail, having fun and making sure everyone is safe and comfortable with where they want to be.

Beyla is the type of personality who comes into the Sanctuary and wants to be nowhere else. Polar did much the same thing when she arrived, Remus as well. Those two bonded with us so strongly it was hard to get them to open up to others. This is often the case with dogs who have had a rough past.

At this point Beyla doesn't mind meeting strangers but she is happiest with them at a distance. In time we hope that she will come out from behind us, enter the world, and learn to love attention not only from us but from our visitors as well.

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