When she is not on the trail you will often find her inside sleeping inside on the bed...

Calypso is one of the smallest dogs in the Sanctuary but what she lacks in size she makes up for in drive.

Calypso LOVES to be a sled dog and will demand to mush any time a team sets out for the trail. She is an asset anywhere in the team, but due to her small size, she works most efficiently up in lead.

When the snow gets too deep in the trail she has to be let off to either run behind the sled or run ahead of the team where she can set her own pace and find her footing in the deep powder. She rarely shies away from a tough trail but as we see her her literally swimming in snow we know there are more useful ways she can expend her energy. When the trail becomes packed again she is hooked back into the team and happily works away helping to reach our destination.

Calypso is a dog who has spent her whole life here, knows the ins and outs of daily life in the Sanctuary, and since she is so small, she fits in just about anywhere. When she is not on the trail you will often find her inside sleeping inside on the bed or in the dog yard leaping straight up in the air waiting for treats.

We don't quite know where she learned these jumping habits but it is a trait that seems to come naturally for her and she will only do it in the dog yard.

Besides being one of the smallest dogs Calypso is also one of the softest in the Sanctuary, second only to Orion. In the spring these two dogs provide us with the softest fiber that is collected and then sent off to Ykkarr Studio to be spun into luxurious yarn and then knit into the warmest winter garments.

In the spring it is not only a pleasure for us to brush them but they absolutely love the extra attention as they shed away their unwanted fur. Often it takes a few good brushings to collect all their shed fur. As they start to feel lighter and cooler we dream of staying warmer for the next winter by wearing a hat or scarf made just from their special fur.

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