Challenge Alaska

This year (2015) we are very excited to expand our Community Outreach programs with the help of Challenge Alaska!

Our first group arrived in January to learn about our sport of dog mushing and soak up a hours of animal therapy. The dogs welcomed each person with smiling faces and gentle paws. They knew treats were hiding in every pocket, but even when the food was gone they still reached out for attention. Luna even came out of her shell to give a few shy gentle kisses to one lucky lady!

It was delightful to see the look of excitement on the dogs faces as they received so much attention, and to see so many make touching connections as well. At the end of the day it was impossible to tell who took away more from the experience the people or the dogs!

As we continue our work with Challenge Alaska we will be incorporating even more mushing activities and take full advantage of the trails on Sanctuary grounds to show our guest even more of our mushing lifestyle.

At this time the dog yard is 75% accessible to all visitors, even those with limited mobility. This summer we will be doing even more trail work with the goal of making not only the dog yard, but many of our trails 100% accessible as well!

Working forty acres of land is no small project but seeing all the bright smiles on all those who have come to meet the Sanctuary huskies inspires us to continue reaching for even greater goals!



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