Emergency Rescue Operations

Struggling through a life tragedy leaves many broken and unstable. Often times it is the animals who suffer as they are let go to an uncertain future to ease a sudden financial burden. For those with a close connection to these wonderful dogs, loosing them in the face of disaster only adds further pain to an already unbearable time. It is in this face of tragedy that the Sanctuary can help...

Whether it be fire, flood, illness, loss of a job or a death in the family, there are many reasons why a sled dog(s) can suddenly find themselves without a home. As a rescue organization we are often called upon to help not only individuals in need but large groups as well.

These Emergency Rescue Operations (ERO's) may occur anywhere in the state with access for us to help on or off site depending on the circumstance. Whether we are allowed to help at the location or wait for the arrivals to come to us the end result is always the same, all the major work happens here on Sanctuary grounds.

Nearly all of these ERO's involve dogs who suffer from a wide range of problems. Their issues may take shape in the form of malnutrition, extreme shyness, illness, injury or a combination of all. Every one of their problems must be tended to, not only for each dog's life to improve, but so they can relax and find the happiness they so desperately deserve.

As they heal we delight in our ability to become a critical part of their recovery. Relaxing into their new life at the Sanctuary they soon start to realize that the worst is now behind them and their personalities quickly come shining through.

Some dogs take only weeks to come around while others may take years. A few have a rehabilitation rate so slow it is nearly impossible to measure. Many of these extreme cases will spend their whole lives with us while others, who are able to adapt to life's changes quickly, may be cleared for adoption and move on to their forever homes shortly after their arrival.


If you are a sled dog owner in need of help, or know of someone who could use our emergency services, please contact us and we will promptly review the details of the situation. Each case is measured by the extent of the emergency involved with priority given to extreme situations.

** Please note the Sled Dog Sanctuary is not a form of Animal Control, nor do we have the authority to seize dogs who are not properly cared for.
** All the dogs who enter the Sanctuary have been willingly given up by their owners, the names of each dog changed as all paperwork remains confidential.


Every year we are contacted by owners looking to place their sled dog retiree or husky pet into our facility. Taking in a dog who is too slow for a musher's team, who has been suddenly injured, too old or no longer wanted is not the primary focus of what we do here.

The Sled Dog Sanctuary exists to provide sled dogs who have no other place to go because of owner illness, emergency or other situations beyond the owners control.

If you are an owner looking to find a home for your sled dog athlete or pet, and are not in a dire situation, please consider putting forth the effort to find a home within your area, run an ad in the local paper, post fliers at pet stores or ask family and friends if they have room in their life for a loving companion.

Your dog has been with you and worked faithfully for many years, don't they deserve at least a small portion of your time, effort and patience to speak for them so they can find a place where they will be loved and cared for the rest of their days?



The Sled Dog Sanctuary is a registered 501c3 non-profit organization. Contributions are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.

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