Our Most Extreme Cases...

Well before the Sanctuary had a name we were rescuing sled dogs, all kinds of sled dogs. While some were pet dogs looking for a new life others were neglected, some starved or given up for dead.

Each case of neglect was very hard to look at, some even harder to care for as we saw the pain they must endure to get back on their feet. But through it all we knew what ever we could do would make all the difference in their lives.

The cases you will read about are our most extreme and offer a detailed glimpse into how the Sanctuary makes such a big impact in these dogs lives.

Unfortunately we see dogs like these all too often. As you read their stories and view their photos we would like you to focus on the hope that has never left their souls. Each one not only retained an incredible will to survive, they never let the circumstances of their life bring them down... they never gave up hope...

** PLEASE NOTE - Some of the pictures on these pages are of sled dogs upon their arrival at the Sanctuary in their very worst state. The images will pull hard on your heartstrings. If you are squeamish about viewing dogs in neglect please feel free to browse through other areas of our site.. **


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