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We love to hear from the owners who have adopted dogs from the Sanctuary and delight in seeing how they continue to improve in their new environments, either continuing their work in harness, or exploring life as a couch pet. Some even find themselves traveling to the lower 48 states to find their forever home. Our rescues find love everywhere!

Over the years we have taken in, adopted out or provided permanent homes at the Sanctuary to over 100 sled dogs in need!

In our continued effort to keep our website as simple as possible we cannot list every dog who has found their forever home through our efforts, though we wish we could! Instead we have chosen a few of our favorite stories from over the years that you can read below...

Thank you to all who have donated, adopted or have spent time helping to socialize these precious sled dogs. With each dog adopted, a space opens up in the Sanctuary to help another in need. Please help us spread the word about the work we do here at the Sanctuary by liking and sharing us on  Facebook.




Laya was one of those rescues that we had a hard time letting go of. From the start she was the sweetest thing, loved to work in the team, rode (and slept!) quietly in the sled bag when she grew tired and cuddled with us when ever we came close. We would have loved to make her part of the Sanctuary permanently but we knew there was a family out there who would love her just as much and allow us to free up a space for another dog in need to come in.

When we met Beth and Constantine we knew this wonderful couple would be able to give her the kind gentle home Laya deserved.

"We took her on a 16 mile hike with some friends and she didn't have to be on a leash at all. She stayed on the trail and led the way. I think that we don't always realize how lucky we got with her. She's such a wonderful dog!

- Beth and Constantine, Alaska


Jasmine, Velvet and Lilly

Joan fell in love with Velvet over the internet through our site. We worked out the logistics of getting her to Connecticut and she connected with Joan right from the start. Shortly after, Jasmine came to us through the Fairbanks Animal Shelter just as Joan was looking for another dog to adopt. We knew right away that Jasmine would be the perfect gentle soul to add to Joan's team and before long she was on her way!

Later Lilly came to us, also from the Fairbanks Shelter. We knew her sweet temperament would be great with the school children Joan was working with, and with those beautiful sweet blue eyes, she would be an easy dog for kids to connect with (see photo in the upper right hand column). A few more calls and flight logistics later and Lilly makes three!

"Jasmine is SUCH a love!! She gets along beautifully with all of my dogs, especially Dave. She has run lead in my team and has been a hit at school demos.

Velvet is also doing great! She runs great in the team and is wonderful with the kids at school demos too. She is such a happy and enthusiastic girl and she ALSO likes Dave! She is the 'announcer', letting everyone know when I am heading toward the kennel. She likes to 'supervise' meal preparation and is very interested in everything I do.

I am so happy to have been lucky enough to adopt these wonderful girls. I love them more each day. Thank you all for doing what you do... you are SO appreciated!"

- Joan, Connecticut


Thunder, Luigi and Hotwire

Mark and Denise met Thunder and Luigi while they were on vacation to Alaska. As they toured around Fairbanks they visited us at our Yukon Quest show where a handful of Sanctuary dogs were receiving biscuit handouts from all the tourists.

It was love at first sight for these two boys as a chance meeting was well on its way to becoming a life long bond. When we heard they were interested in both of the boys going together we couldn't have been more pleased. These two had a bond that we hated to break up. With Mark and Denise's help they would never have to be separated.

A few years later Hotwire arrived in need of our help at the Sanctuary as Mark and Denise were looking for another dog to add to their team. A few more logistics later and Hotwire was on the plane to Illinois!

"The dogs are awesome! We discovered something about Luigi, he loves kids! Our grandson stayed the night and Luigi started barking (he never barks) when he saw Jonah. Well, Luigi licked him to pieces! Thanks again for all your work!"   

- Mark and Denise, Illinois



Abbie was one of our rescues who came in with a severe socialization problem. Like many sled dogs we see Abbie did really well with the other dogs in the kennel, but came up short interacting with people. Even through this shy trait there was something in Abbie that Janice loved right from the start.

As Abbie grew used to her new life she showed Janice a loving openness that can only be found when a dog knows they have truly come home. It has been a delight to join them on skijoring outings and see how much Abbie has grown comfortable not only with her new surroundings but with herself as well.

"This summer Abbie has really gotten a lot more comfortable here. She's turning out to be such a cute and cuddly dog! She wags her tail all the time now and loves to be chased around the yard. I've been taking her on five mile bike rides lately to get her thinking about winter. There is something about this little girl that is just so fun."

- Janice, Alaska



Hannah was a very shy reserved little soul when she arrived at the Sanctuary. We worked with her every day to get her to come out of her shell but it was clear she was in no hurry to do so. Slowly over time we noticed a change in her behavior, a sense of wanting to connect. As she grew more confident in herself and came out of her shell we were able to update her status, making her available for adoption. It was about that time that Sherri and Tom entered her life and showed her how spoiled a pet dog could be.

"Hannah is having her puppy-hood. She bounces up and down the stairs smiling and looks around for shoes and slippers, and snatches them up and runs downstairs and puts them in her crate (she doesn't chew them at all). She is having so much fun. She gets tucked in her crate every night, just like our other dogs, and feels safe and secure." - Sherri and Tom, Michigan



These are just a few of the many heartwarming stories we hear from our many adopters. All of these dogs had given up hope of finding a forever home until their perfect match arrived. You could be a perfect match for a sled dog in need too! Take a look at the dogs we have available for adoption or visit your local animal shelter.

Your perfect companion is out there, right now, waiting for you! 



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