Kantishna Road House

Deep in the heart of Denali National Park there sits a beautiful lodge made of mighty spruce poles with quiet cabins all around ready to welcome countless guests all summer long. A small dog yard is set up at the edge of the property where six eager sled dogs wait to give their running demonstrations each day to eager visitors.

From 2008 to 2013 groups of Sanctuary dogs made Kantishna a temporary summer home sending along the message that they, and many others like them, are eager and ready to run their way into your home and heart. During the summer the Kantishna dog handler explains a bit about our sport, how our dogs have come to visit for the summer and how much they love to run.

After the introduction the musher hooks up the dogs to the front of his four wheeler and off they go, pulling their hardest and parading around the property of the lodge. Visitors residing at their cabins find themselves drawn out for a quick treat of sled dogs passing by their doorstep. Full of boundless joy our powerful dogs cruse by loving the chance to participate in this light work all summer long.

Upon the guests arrival home many have photos and stories to share. For those looking to find a furry companion perhaps the memory of the Kantishna dogs will give them hope that they could find a shelter dog in their area who would become their perfect match.

Over the years we found a great benefit in sending a select few off to Kantishna. Not only were these dogs able to spread the word about sled dogs in need but they were also getting a chance to socialize with strangers and work on building their confidence. Many who spent the time away came back with a broader outlook on life which allowed them to transition to their forever home with more ease.

Polar, by far was the biggest hit at the road house. Every year she was asked for by name as the staff got to know this amazing, tough little girl. Eddie was also another favorite and the first of the team to sport Doggles while running in harness. Seeing a dog wear sunglasses brought many smiles as Eddie, always the good natured guy, went right along with it loving the break from the bright summer sun.

As our focus shifted to the new Sanctuary property we found ourselves needing to pull back our involvement with the road house as the logistics of driving the dogs in and back through Denali park became too time consuming.

Now our summers are full of work on the property with many of the Kantishna dogs chipping in to help. Whether we are working on clearing trails or collecting firewood these guys love their job no matter where they are.



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