Luna thing is for sure, she loves being a sled dog!

March 2015 - Luna has tested her paws on the trail and we are happy to report she is a very hard driving solid working sled dog! It is clear Luna has had many hours on the trail before arriving here with us. She not only does great working with our visitors but she is coming along quickly learning her trail manners while giving rides.

Her excited attitude on the trail when shows us that she was never taught to stop on command. By running with the other veteran dogs she is picking up on these important commands very quickly and not only staying patient during our stops but listening for the go command before pulling against her harness.

Due to all the rain we have had this winter which has set back our running schedule and limited the miles we are able to put on the dogs it may be a while before we can evaluate how many miles Luna is comfortable running. One thing is for sure, she loves being a sled dog!



January 2015 - From the moment Luna entered the Sanctuary she had no trouble settling in. This was a great for us to see since we had our hands full working with the other eight in her group who were having a much harder time with the transition. Since Luna has been with us for a few months she has been able to put on a few pounds, grow in a thicker coat and become the picture of health she was meant to be.

Luna is a naturally thin dog and seems to consume more calories to maintain a healthy body weight than others her size. This may be due to her active nature, her love of play and always wanting to be in on the excitement going on around her.

Luna has done great inside the yurt though she has a habit of submissively peeing when nervous. This is common in many huskies, especially those from troubled backgrounds.. With more time, attention and training she will eventually learn that marking to show her submission is not necessary.




October 2014 - This girl is one of the most open, friendly rescues we have seen in a long time. She may have come from a troubled past but this certainly hasn't affected her personality. And what a personality she has! This girl LOVES to talk and has a whole range of vocalizations she shares with us.

Luna may have some mushing experience in her past but winter will have to set in before we can test her in harness. One thing is for sure, she definitely has working dog lines in her genes. Watching this girl run is like watching a ballet, she is so light on her feet that it seems she barely touches the ground.

It wasn't long after her arrival before she was jumping up for attention and hugs. It was clear that this girl was only going to need a few more calories to get back on her feet before becoming available for adoption.

Be sure to check back with us on her progress. We bet this girl wont be in rehabilitation very long...


Female; Estimated age 6 yrs



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