Yukon Quest

Sled dog enthusiasts are familiar with the great sled dog race of the Iditarod but many have not heard of the Yukon Quest, an equally challenging race spanning half of Alaska and on into the Canada's Yukon Territory.

Their headquarters resides in downtown Fairbanks, Alaska and in the summer of 2010 we were asked to set up camp and educate thousands of adults and children arriving daily about our sled dog rescues and the great sport of dog mushing.

Through the long days of summer we welcomed the opportunity to work with many of our new rescues who benefited from the extra exposure to strangers helping to bring them out of their shells.

Many of the permanent residents also came out for the event and helped the new dogs who were unsure of crowds and the noise of downtown. They couldn't help but feel at ease watching the 'old hands' work the crowds for biscuits and even score some frozen yogurt and ice cream!

Throughout the summer our dogs greeted thousands of adults and children while raising awareness for sled dogs in need everywhere. Through the extra exposure we were able to make eleven new adoptions in only a few months through the visitors who came to see us. Two of them (Luigi and Thunder) found their forever home in Illinois!


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