Changing Seasons...

Every season brings new life to the Sanctuary...

From the green shoots of spring, the turning of leaves in the fall and the white crisp snow of winter, each year brings new life.

And like the changing of the seasons, each year we welcome new rescues to the Sanctuary, beautiful souls in need of love, care and attention...



November 2018 - Sponsor a Sled Dog!

Join our sled dog team! Sponsoring a sled dog is a great way to help support sled dogs in need!

The Sled Dog Sanctuary maintains a maximum carrying capacity of 25 sled dogs on our forty acre facility. Every dog in the kennel is cared for by two full time mushers with a 20+ years of experience in training, housing and looking after their every need.

This on-site support is only half of what makes the Sled Dog Sanctuary great... the other half depends on you... to feed, house and train each dog we need your support to provide the necessary funding for food, vet care and supplies keeping everyone cozy and warm all throughout the winter.

Show your support and join today at the many levels we have available and receive our free gifts as a thank you for supporting these amazing athletes!

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Harnessing Hope Project

In our work rescuing sled dogs we have seen a wonderful advantage in bringing sled dogs and people together in the safe healing environment that is the Sled Dog Sanctuary.

Over the years we have seen many people relate to an individual dog or two and found special healing and comfort in their presence. And as a person receives this wonderful gift from our beloved rescues, the dogs themselves gain their own rewards from the interaction with strangers who they quickly come to know as friends.

Whether it be our work with the mentally disabled, soldiers living with PTSD, those with limited mobility, or others from all walks and trials of life, the Sanctuary sled dogs speak a special quiet language. Each and every one of them provide the opportunity to heal through a unique form of animal therapy, both in the kennel and out on the trail.

This special project has only just begun to take flight. As each new idea comes into reality, new trails appear allowing us to connect more people with sled dogs and encourage a positive way of life for everyone.

This year we are excited to announce another huge leap forward in the creation of this project, a brand new warm up area built from the ground up, and entirely donated by the Sellers family as part of their courageous Eagle Scout project!

All winter this wonderful family has donated their time and materials to create a place of warmth during those extra chilly winter days. While the main structure of the building is complete there are a few more details we will be finishing up this summer for the building to be fully functional, wheelchair accessible and ready for the coming season.

Thank you again to the Sellers family for providing this building and allowing this very special project to take a HUGE leap ahead for our next winter's programing!



In the fall of 2016 we were invited to write an article for Mountain Magazine about the Sled Dog Sanctuary.

It was a bit of a struggle to focus and reflect all the way back to 2002 and feel those horrible memories of neglect and starvation all over again.

The pain and abuse we witnessed not only fueled a passion of helping those dogs in need but continues on to this day in the strength we give back to the sled dogs in our care, and those yet still to come.

To read the full Mountain article click here.

Click here to learn more about the passion behind the Sled Dog Sanctuary


At the Sled Dog Sanctuary we are happy to welcome all kinds of visitors locals, tourists, volunteers, adopters and reporters. In the summer of 2015 we had a delightful visit from reporter Laurel Andrews and photographer Marc Lester from Alaska Dispatch News who came out to meet the dogs and learn more about what we do here at the Sanctuary.

The dogs loved all the extra attention (as they always do when visitors come by) and after the interview was done we headed back to work with little thought as to where the story would go.

A few weeks later we found ourselves in the midst of a crisis as wildfires broke out all around the Sanctuary burning thousands of acres with full evacuation of every sled dog quickly becoming a very real possibility. Fortunately we remained outside the path of the blaze and just as things started calming down again we were notified that not only was our story live on but that we had had made front page of the paper itself!

In the weeks to come our numbers steadily increased on Facebook and showed no sign of slowing down. A bit of searching on the internet found the Alaska Dispatch Article had been picked up by local papers around the state and was starting to make its rounds in the lower 48 states as well!

If you have found us through the paper, through Facebook or through some other means, welcome! And if you missed the article you can read it here on the Alaska Dispatch News website. Sled Dog Sanctuary: A Second Life for Alaska's Abandoned Huskies




The Sanctuary Residents

Many sled dogs call the Sanctuary home, some are just passing through while the more troubled cases will spend their whole lives within the Sanctuary.

Get to known each one of their unique personalities...

Retired Seniors

Working Sled Dogs

How you can help...

There are many ways you can support the dogs in the Sled Dog Sanctuary.

Donate time, dog food, treats or through monetary means you can help us give sled dogs all over Alaska a renewed outlook on life...

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What Makes Us Unique

A forty acre haven devoted to sled dogs, run by mushers with over twenty years combined experience and access to limitless trails as far as the eye can see.

The Sled Dog Sanctuary is a rescue like no other. Come and explore what makes us so unique...

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Thank you to our 2017 - 2018 sponsors!

With your support we have been able to change the lives of sled dogs and enrich the lives of people all over the state of Alaska...

Thank you to our wonderful donors who have helped us so much this year. Many sled dogs have benefited from your donations of dog food, straw and treats...


The Sled Dog Sanctuary is a registered 501c3 non-profit organization. Contributions are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.

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