We greatly enjoyed the time Bandit was able to spend with us...

February 2016 - We are very sad to report that we had to say goodbye to Bandit this month. His suspected neurological problem ended up being very real and came on very fast. In a matter of weeks he went from being able to jump up for hugs to barely being able to stand or control his bladder. In order to preserve his quality of life we made the very difficult decision to put him down.

While his kennel-mate, Brigadoon, is still living with a similar condition we are keeping a sharp eye on his health to make sure he doesn't decline like Bandit did. Since this condition directly affects the spinal column, once it sets in there is no turning it around.

We greatly enjoyed the time Bandit was able to spend with us (a little over a year) and we are so very glad he was able to meet so many wonderful caring people who were always ready with his favorite treats. We miss you Bandit and hope you are still watching over the other sled dogs who come here who, just like you, are in need of love, attention and support.


May 2015 - Over the winter Bandit has settled into the Sanctuary nicely and has learned how exciting it is when strangers arrive!

He is the loudest of the group, barking for treats every time someone draws near but is slowing learning patience and when to quiet down. During the day he is quiet as a mouse but as soon as visitors arrive he is one of our loudest announcers letting everyone know of the excitement to come!

This winter Bandit was tried in harness and while we figured he would be a natural sled dog who already had many miles under his paws he quickly proved us wrong. We were shocked to not only find that this boy lacked the focus of a true puller but that his gait was so off that in allowing him to run would certainly lead to an injury.

It is not often that we run across a sled dog with such a high pulling drive but who is not built for the trail. But even though this issue will set him back on his availability for adoption we are excited to find out what he has to teach us about his special needs.

Like every dog who comes to the Sanctuary they bring their own unique personalities, their own 'issues'. By working through these road blocks they not only help us enrich the life of the dog we are working with, but they also help us expand our knowledge of what works best as we develop a broader range of tips and tricks to help the next sled dog in need.

Bandit is delighting in walks on the trail and connecting with people one-on-one. That is where our focus is with him at this time. Due to his build, and the possibility that he could be living with a medical issue similar to Brigadoon we will be keeping him under evaluation throughout the summer.

Stay tuned for more updates on this friendly active boy as we get to know even more about him in the months to come...


November 2014 - Bandit is a fun dog who is most at home pulling down the trail, whether on walks or in the team this boy loves being a sled dog!

The first time we turned on the four wheeler Bandit had a fit and started screaming at the top of his lungs. We were only going to use the ATV for some work around the yard but Bandit was absolutely convinced that we were headed out on the trail without him!

Once the snow is on the ground we will get an idea of what this boy can do in harness and what his potential may be as a working dog. We believe he may also make a great indoor pet since he is very mellow inside and loves cuddling. His sled dog genes are strong which could mean he may have the potential to be a wanderer and so would not be suited for walks off leash.



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