In each dog we welcome we know we are touching lives...

Baron came to us in October of 2015 in bad shape, underweight and appearing extra stiff for his age. At 14 or 15 years old this boy had certainly seen a whole lot of life and his flinchy nature and hesitancy toward human contact showed a history of abuse.

Once he started opening up however it was so heartening to see him lift his head and seek out our hand so boldly. After such a rough life we are constantly amazed at how some dogs bounce back and are able to forgive.

Since he is so old we are not sure how long this boy has but we vowed to make each day here at the Sanctuary better than his last. With an insulated dog house, all the kibble he can eat, plus many, many treats he is well on the road to recovery and looking better every day.

He loves meal times (often preferring breakfast in bed/doghouse) and is making a whole lot of new friends with all the other dogs. This boy LOVES his walks and our volunteers have been so happy to take him out on the trail. It is such a treat to see his eyes light up as he checks out all the new smells and explore the terrain. He may be too old to work in the dog sled team but he has never lost his love for the trail.

It is impossible to describe what it is like to sit with Baron, to touch him, to scratch his fur, to tell him how much he is loved and to feel, day after day, his soul open up just a little bit more in acceptance of that attention. Of the dogs who come into the Sanctuary it is the ones who may have had the toughest life that touch us so deeply. In each dog we welcome we know we are touching lives, but it is in dogs like Baron that we know we are making the strongest impact...




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