Since Brigadoon had been spending so much time inside we found that he has become extremely attached to us...

September 2016 - After many months of good health we noticed a slight change in Brigadoons happy personality and after a few days we could confirm a decline in his health. Like his buddy Bandit, his condition worsened quickly and it was clear we needed to step in and help ease him out of his pain.

With the help of our local vet Brigadoon was put to rest here at the Sanctuary surrounded by those who loved him.

We are honored he was able to spend his last two years with us in a safe place, with good food, warm housing and so much love...


June 2015 - Brigadoon has done so well these past few months. While he is still not 100% in his balance we are seeing a remarkable improvement in his over all condition. We have even seen him sunning himself on top of his house a few times now. It takes quite a bit of muscle for a dog to jump up on top of their house so this is quite a feat for him and a sure sign that he is feeling much better.

The warmer weather is also helping and he is now able to spend more time outside. Being outdoors means he can also benefit from the extra socialization when visitors come by to visit. Since Brigadoon had been spending so much time inside we found that he has become extremely attached to us but is still a bit wary of strangers.

Due to his extremely gentle nature and lovable soul we know it wont be long before he is taking treats as freely as the other rescues who came in with him this fall. He is already howling when people walk away to visit with the dogs in the back pen. A clear sign that he is liking the idea of considering people as his new and trusted friends.



JANUARY 2015 - Brigadoon has gained a lot of weight these past few months and has filled out nicely not only with fat reserves but with muscle as well. His coat has grown in thicker, gained a wonderful lustrous glow and there are only a handful of bad patches of fur left to fall out. We would love to help him be rid of his last rough tufts but since we are in the middle of winter this boy can still use all the fur he can get.

Spending time inside has been, by far, his favorite past time. He loves to connect with us and watches our every move. Since his mobility has slowed him down he usually likes to stay in one place and observe, waiting for that inevitable treat that always comes his way.

Even though Brigadoon has put on weight, his balance has still not improved. He has had a few appointments with his vet at Golden Pond and we are waiting on a blood test to see if it will shed light on his condition.



OCTOBER 2014 - When Brigadoon first arrived we were not sure what to make of him. He had the typical husky mentality of being everywhere at once, and since the Sanctuary was all new to him, there was quite a bit to take in.

When dogs arrive we look them over and get an idea of who they are and what they need pretty quickly. This guy was another matter. Right from the start he was at the end of his leash running everywhere, trying to take in everything all at once, showing no desire of settling down or make introductions.

During his first night we could tell this boy was upset. His constant howling and emaciated state prompted us to bring him inside right away. Once inside he had a little trouble settling down as his levels of excitement went down quite a bit. We were finally able to start getting through.

Before long he started to enjoy spending time outside during the day as long as we were near. Spending the night outside seemed to be something he was leaning towards but due to his low weight and terrible coat it is still in his best interest to sleep inside and conserve all the calories he can.

About a week after he settled in we noticed that his gait was a bit wobbly. Some days it would be more pronounced than others and after a short trip to the vet we were advised to keep a watch on him to see if the condition would get worse or better. With a dog like Brigadoon who has seen much neglect in his past this problem could be linked to many things, the most obvious being malnutrition.

It is impossible for us to know how long he has been in this skinny state but we are hoping as the pounds come back on that he will improve. If he does not then this could be a much more serious problem due to inbreeding or damage to his nervous system. All we can do now is wait and give this special boy extra love, calories and make each day brighter than the last.




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