Unknown - April 10, 2013

We think of him often when the trail gets tough...

Coyote came to us through another rescue and was already starting into his senior years, though you would never know it if you met him! This boy was full of energy. Whether it was time to work, time to eat or time to play Coyote took to everything in life with the utmost exuberance. He never let age slow him down and was always a real asset to us on the trail, at times almost too much of an asset!

There was no doubt that Coyote loved to pull and if he was in the team line up we always had to drop at least one dog to compensate for the massive power he would add to the team. He was the perfect go-to dog for trail rides and over the years he made many friends with our out of town visitors.

Due to his natural ability to pull, and absolute love of the job, he was a great candidate for summer camp at the Kantishna Road House. For years he helped pull the four wheeler around to the delight of countless tourists and would have continued doing so if his age hadn't gotten in the way.

Some sled dogs retire gracefully, others struggle with it until the very end, in Coyote's case he just couldn't understand why he had to be left at home. It was as if his brain couldn't comprehend why his body could no longer keep up. We were a bit stumped as well. He was fit and healthy one season and the next was sliding down hill fast. Cancer was the culprit and as his appetite failed his quality of life diminished.

It was very hard to let this boy go but after trying all kinds of different food to prompt his appetite it was clear the cancer was winning. It was time to say goodbye...

We think of him often when the trail gets tough and all we would need is our good buddy to pull our way home. But it is through the next generations that we must look to and always remember what a fine time it was to have Coyote in our lives and how many smiles he gave to all those he met.




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