Husky Hair Creations

Just outside the quiet little town of Talkeetna, Alaska resides the many beautiful sled dogs of the Sled Dog Sanctuary.

In the winter they work and play pulling long sleds down snowy trails, but in the spring the warm coats they carry are no longer needed.

As the fur is naturally shed away each dog is brushed and groomed to help release their soft warm undercoat. It is then collected, washed, spun and knit into unique husky items for you to enjoy!

Experience a fiber that is lighter, softer and warmer than wool! Our husky hair creations are like nothing you will find anywhere!



Each husky hair creation is as unique as the husky who donated the fur. We do not dye our husky fiber but rather let the true husky colors shine through. Each creation is a mystery as each dog's undercoat is a different color or shade.

Black dogs like Odin have a wonderfully rich light gray color underneath while Myst, who is also black, sheds a darker shade of gray, almost black. Mix either of those fibers with Rane, who sheds is a rich creamy blonde, and you get a mix of color that is truly unique.

All husky hair items you see here in our store are make from pure 100% husky. We do not mix our fiber with wool, alpaca or any other fiber. Each item remains true to the husky who donated the fiber and comes with a care card identifying the huskies themselves so you can read more about them right here on our website!



The entire husky hair process takes place entirely on Sanctuary grounds. In the spring and summer our wonderful volunteers help groom and brush the dogs while collecting the extra fur. It is then washed, spun and knit all under the roof of our quaint little yurt nestled in between the Sanctuary dog yards.

No part of the husky hair process is outsourced or sent out of state, all the work is done here making this product not only a unique Alaskan made item but a great way to show your support. All proceeds from the husky hair sales go right back into the Sanctuary.



Since our huskies only shed once a year the items we have available are often limited. If you see an item you would like to purchase please do not hesitate. Every piece is unique and once an item is sold there will not be another exactly like it.

Due to this limitation we are not taking special orders at this time but we do try to make our more sought after items, like our husky plush puppies, available for sale as often as we can. To keep up to date on recently added items be sure to check this page often or follow us on  Facebook.


Husky Headband - $30.00 Spirit Pouch - $45.00
Husky Beanie - $95.00
Mushers Hat (fleece lined) - $125.00 Mushers Hat (double husky lined) - $175.00

Sled Dog Husky Plush - $125.00 to $175.00 (depending on size and complexity)






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