Husky Plush Puppies

- SOLD - Medium Sitting Sled Dog with Harness - $95.00

This sitting cuddly husky puppy is made with tan and grey fiber from our sled dogs 'Thanatos' and 'Saturn'... all harnessed up, ready to take to the trail and mush right into your home!

Approx 7.5 inches tall x 9.5 inches long

- SOLD - Howling Husky with Harness $125.00

Medium sized howling plush pup, ready to sing a chorus just for you...

- SOLD - Pair of Medium Sitting Sled Dogs with Harness $185.00

Set of huggable sitting husky pups waiting to run the trail to your home!

- SOLD - Small Grey Sitting Husky Plush

A cuddly grey pup with white tipped paws and tail using fiber from our sled dogs 'Gemini' and 'Juno'.


The Husky Hair Process

In the warmth of spring our sled dogs no longer require their insulating uncoat of fur. As it is naturally shed away each dog is brushed and groomed to help release this soft fiber. It is then collected, washed, spun and knit into unique husky items for you to enjoy!

Each husky hair creation is as unique as the husky who donated the fur as the color of their undercoat can vary from year to year. We do not dye our husky fiber but rather let our husky's true colors shine through.

All husky hair items you see here in our store are make from pure 100% husky. We do not mix our fiber with wool, alpaca or any other fiber. Each item remains true to the husky who donated the fiber and comes with a care card identifying which husky donated the fiber!

No part of the husky hair process is outsourced or sent out of state, all work is done here, making this product not only a unique Alaskan made item but a great way to show your support as all proceeds from our gift shop sales go right back to support the Sled Dog Sanctuary.






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