Watching this girl move is like watching ravens fly...

Loki is one of the younger dogs at the Sanctuary who is still learning the ropes about what mushing is all about. Loki is a little shy towards people she doesn't know but if she feels comfortable around you her enthusiasm for life is contagious. Once this girl starts to 'dance' its impossible not to go right along with her.

Loki loves to run and literally fly around the dog yard during play time. Watching this girl move is like watching ravens fly. She goes so fast you would think her feet never touch the ground and in winter, when her trail is just a puff of snow, you could certainly believe its true!

Since Loki is so young she hasn't had many opportunities in harness but the times she has been out she has shown she wants desperately to be a sled dog! Having weight in the sled doesn't slow this girl down. The more resistance for her, the better she likes it.

As we work her into the team out on the trail we are starting to see a potential leader shining through her playful personality. It may yet take time to see what kind of leader she can become but from what we have seen, this girl may be the next rising star in the team!

Loki also has shown that she does very well loose running and can be relied on not to travel far when we are exploring the back country. She loves to sniff around and explore but she has a strong sense of family and desires to stay with the group. This helps us keep her safe in the woods and also opens up many opportunities for her to do more exploring with us.

As she matures we are working her through some issues she is having with other females. At times Loki likes to be the dominant one and will sometimes ignore our 'no fighting' rule. She is a bit of a trickster and likes to get into trouble when we aren't paying attention. But, like all dogs who enter the Sanctuary, Loki has a few kinks to work out and that is just fine with us. We will continue to teach her how to get along with her neighbors, play with her friends and tolerate those who she doesn't seem to like too well.

Every dog is a work in progress here with no limit to how much they can better themselves. As she grows older it is our pleasure to see the changes that will happen within seeing her grow into a confident well rounded member of the Sanctuary.

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