Day after day we continue to work with her through her issues of fear...

Nova is a very shy girl and has been from the moment she arrived at the Sanctuary. In the time she has been here she has done well coming around to us, taking treats and loves to be carried like a little puppy by those she trusts the most.

Loud noises and anything strange (a new winter coat or hat for example) still frightens her but as we talk her through her fear she knows our voice and takes comfort in the sound.

Day after day we continue to work with her through her issues of fear so she can learn to be calm and enjoy life unhindered. The many people who come to visit us during their Alaskan vacations and those in our Outreach programs are helping greatly to bridge the gap by teaching how to trust those she does not yet know.

Nova is by far the fluffiest dog in the Sanctuary. Due to her heavy coat she is limited in how often she is allowed to work with the team. On days when the temperature drops below zero she works away just fine but if the miles run too long she tends to get overheated.

As we continue to work with her off lead and teach her to come on command more opportunities will open up for her to come along by running loose when the temperatures are too high for her to work. Our main concern is always for our dog's safety and as long as Nova is having a good time she will always be welcome along.

UPDATE!! Thanks to the wonderful help of all our guests taking special time out to visit with Nova by giving treats and taking her for long quiet walks on the trail, she has opened up quite a bit to strangers.

On many of our group visits to the Sanctuary she is now deciding to rest outside of her house instead of hiding within! This is a huge improvement for Nova and we hope to see even more growth as she continues to gain all the loving attention from all our guests... thank you to everyone who has offered their time, love and attention to our beautiful, special sled dog...

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