Going about our daily kennel chores, Odin is by far the best company to have around...

Odin is one of the gentlest Sanctuary permanent residents and his enthusiasm for food is legendary, especially when it comes to treats!

Odin learned very early on that food was not going to come by hand if he did not learn where our fingers stopped and the treat began. So, being the adaptable dog he is, Odin taught himself to not only catch the treats we tossed to him but to do so in mid-air.

He delights in the challenge of catching even the smallest of tidbits and continues to amaze us with his quick reflexes. It makes no difference if you throw right, left or without warning, nine times out of ten Odin will catch it every time!

From his very first day at the Sanctuary Odin showed us that he wanted to be a sled dog and loved his job pulling the sled down the trail, no matter how tough the terrain.

When he receives the cue from us to move forward, his head drops down, shoulders hunched forward as he leans into his harness as hard as he can pulling the sled down the trail. At times it seems he could pull the sled all by himself, and he has certainly tried!

Odin is not the tallest husky we work with here at the Sanctuary but what he lacks in height he more than makes up in drive. Due to his young age he is still learning the ropes and slowly settling into proper husky behavior on the trail. He has not quite graduated into our special core group of 'Rough Rider' dogs, but he is VERY close. He is very reliable when let loose out of the team, comes back when its time to work and only needs a bit more training with stopping on command.

Going about our daily kennel chores, Odin is by far the best company to have around. He never gets into trouble (unless the treat bag is left out that is!), is a delight to watch racing around the dog yard and the best snuggler when its time to take a break. He has rarely met a dog he doesn't like and has shown a unique fondness for new rescue dogs who come into the Sanctuary.

Besides being a great working dog on the trail, welcoming new dogs into the kennel is a very sought after and much needed trait for what we do here. Our shy rescues are the ones who tend to need the most work. It takes time for them to understand that they are loved and accepted from their very first day here. Having a dog like Odin around who not only welcomes them with open paws, but plays with them for hours on end, is priceless and often shortens the time a dog needs to remain in rehabilitation.

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