Patsy is the gentlest who pull on our heartstrings the most.

When Patsy was taken into rescue her musher boasted of her leadership ability, but due to her travels through many kennels and many teams she had lost much of her confidence. Out on the trails we worked her up front when we could but as the snow conditions become rough her mind weakened and she ran off the trail time and time again. We worked her through this issue the best we could but in the end we realized she was much more comfortable back in the team where she could just follow along.

For many years she remained one of our smallest dogs, the perfect size to zip up in our parkas on cold nights and snuggle with. She loved this time connecting with us and was never far from our side.

Due to this close connection she is probably the most least photogenic dog we have ever had. Trying to get her away from us long enough to take a photo was nearly impossible. It was little things like this that made us love her all the more.

Out on the trail she continued to be a great sled dog, pulling when she could, doing her best along dogs twice her size. As she grew older we knew retirement loomed on the horizon as we slowly cut miles back from her training runs.

Her death came as a shock to us. One day she was alive and well, the next she was gone. It is always tough to loose dogs but it is the gentlest who pull on our heartstrings the most. Patsy had never met a dog she didn't like, she was never any trouble and she loved everyone. It was impossible not to love her right from the start.

Patsy will always be missed but as we see the gentleness in the lives of the other dogs she always comes to mind. We visit her grave site often out in the 'puppy garden' and will always be grateful for the time we were allowed to share in her life. Patsy will always remind us of all the wonderful sweet sled dog souls out there in need who just want someone to love, a place they can call home and miles of trails to explore.



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