Over time we have seen little changes in her behavior that give us hope she will open up even more.

Rane is our beautiful shy girl who is every dogs best friend. Rarely in the dog world is one born with a disposition so sweet that it is almost to the point of her own discomfort. When the dogs are playing in the yard Rane is the happiest on the bottom of the heap where she delights in being 'nibbled' on by her friends. Through constant supervision during play time we make sure every one is gentle with her and that no one takes their 'nibbling' too far.

While she plays and delights in the company of the other dogs we have found that she has a hard time coming around to the comfort of people. Some dogs are born naturally shy and it seems Rane is one of those naturally shy dogs.

Over time we have seen little changes in her behavior that give us hope she will open up but it is clear she is going to work through it at her own pace.

Through interaction with visitors to the Sanctuary she is getting better opening up to strangers and, on a good day, will take treats right from their hand. On her more unsure days she will wait until the treat has been placed on her dog house and politely wait until the person has walked away before eating.

Dogs with her type of personality can take years to come around, and since we work with each shy dog one on one each day, once they do come around often it is only to us. In time this may very well be the case for Rane but we hope that with the help of our visitors and guests she will open up to strangers as well.

Rane has been out on the trail for a few short runs with the sled and she seems to enjoy the experience. She doesn't quite know how to pull yet but we will continue working with her to build up her confidence and the miles as we aid her along in learning what a joy it is to be a working sled dog.

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