In working with Rig we are delighted to see that he isn't the typical 'crazy' to go sled dog...

Rig is a SOLID working sled dog, a real gentle soul, but is still shy around women and strangers. We are working to get him past this hesitation and with a whole lot of treats we think it might not take all that much time! If he gets to trust you he is more than happy to snuggle in closer for more attention.

Rig loves to give hugs and is a sweet shy kisser. He loves all the other dogs as well and has found fast friends in all the canine residents. It would take a lot to get on this boy's bad side, but we suspect there might not be a bad side at all to this super sweet husky.

Most of the sled dogs we receive end up being on the smaller side so it was a delight in seeing that Rig was so tall.

We will gladly work with all sizes of sled dogs but have found over the years that the bigger guys are a much easier to handle for a few reasons. One being that we don't have to run so many dogs in the team, often a big dog can do the work of two, and fewer dogs in the team means more attention for all and more control/safety for everyone.

In working with Rig we are delighted to see that he isn't the typical 'crazy' to go sled dog. He loves his job, is very responsive to commands, especially, and most importantly, the words 'go' and 'whoa'!

In the future we will be working more with him on refined commands such as 'easy' (slowing down, especially on corners and rough terrain) and 'fix it' (steping back over or under the gangline) as we work up the miles with this wonderful boy.

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