Working Dogs

As a sled dog rescue we maintain a solid group of working dogs to help pull the sled down the trail and keep those in our care healthy and happy doing what they love. Maintaining this group allows us to have two solid steadily working teams ready at all times as our numbers fluctuate with new dogs coming in and others adopting out.

In order to rehabilitate many of our new rescues we have found that keeping this core of seasoned working huskies helps us not only welcome visitors to the trail but also reduces the time new dogs are required to remain under rehabilitation status as they gain comfort and confidence from those who have been here the longest.

We affectionately refer to the dogs who we depend on the most as our 'Rough Riders' - Thani, Boreas, Hermes, Calypso, Zephyr, Juno and Remus. These dogs have worked with us day in and day out on the hardest toughest trails you can imagine. Through deep cold, winter storms and drifted trails this small core team has seen so much and work together so well they make our time on the trail effortless.

As soon as the snow hits the ground they start off the season by setting the trail for the rest of the dogs. This team knows their commands so well that using the sled break is often not an issue. As our season moves along and more snow comes our way more dogs are added to fill out the team, often with a new rescue or two so we can evaluate their trail abilities.

Like all who reside at the Sanctuary each dog is an individual with their own wonderfully unique personalities. Read more by clicking on the links at the top of your screen or follow the running husky below to learn about each one...



The Sled Dog Sanctuary is a registered 501c3 non-profit organization. Contributions are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.

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The Sled Dog Sanctuary is open by appointment only.

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