He brightens all our lives day after day...

If there was such a thing as a class clown of a dog yard Ymir would be it! He radiates a very bouncy personality but deep down inside he is a very sensitive soul who only shows his wild and crazy side with those he trusts the most. This gentle comical nature has earned Ymir many friends, both dog and human alike, and his antics seem to always place him in front of our camera.

At any time of day all we have to do is walk near his dog house, call his name in a playful voice, reach out and he starts his jumping dance of joy. Ymir LOVES attention and will reach for it anyway he can. He is such a trickster that during free time we have to keep a wary eye out just for him.

His favorite trick is the ambush, especially when our guards are down. If we are cleaning the yard or just walking to the front gate, Ymir uses any chance to generate excitement. We don't dare leave mittens or hats lying around, he will take off with them in a flash with bounding strides and a big smile on his face.

He brightens all our lives day after day and with his large size he has the strength to become a great asset on the trail. Due to his young age he has only been tested in harness a few times but of those times he did wonderfully. He loves to work and dash down the trail with playful puppy enthusiasm.

Ymir is learning how to walk off lead and to come when called, a very challenging task when there are miles and miles of open space around this area we call home. He delights in helping us break trail and doesn't hesitate to break off from our regular routes to plow through unfamiliar terrain.

With the sights and smells of the wild, walks with Ymir seem never ending. He shows us where wildlife has been, where a moose had bedded down for the night, where an owl made its feathery mark in the snow as it touched down to grab its prey. Nothing escapes his watchful eye.

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