He walks so well on his own that many fail to notice he is handicapped in the first place!

Zephyr came to us quite unexpectedly after the Sanctuary had already been formed. We were in the midst of transforming our part-time rescue efforts into a full-time organization but were stuck on the creation of our logo.

We knew we were going to need a very special dog the central focus who would carry the Sanctuary into the future and personify all that we are about.

When Zephyr arrived to the Sanctuary we knew immediately and without a doubt that this special, amazing boy would be our new official mascot. With his image as our inspiration the logo flowed together without a hitch and Zephyr became a very special permanent resident with an amazing story to share.

Zephyr is an inspiration to everyone he meets on the trail and off. Most are amazed when we tell our visitors that he still works within the dog team and is one of the fastest dogs in our kennel!

He walks so well on his own that many fail to realize he is handicapped in the first place. The accident that led up to the loss of his leg nearly cost him his life. After a terrible infection, a blood transfusion and round the clock care the vet was not able to save his leg, but thankfully she was able to save his life.

We didn't have the chance to meet Zephyr until all his operations were final and he was already on the mend. By the time he came into our care he was able to walk perfectly well on his own and pull a sled just as well as before when he had four legs. The only sign of his surgery was a patch of shaved fur that was slowly growing back to cover the healing scars.

With Zephyr inside most of the time we have the opportunity to monitor his condition and make sure we are there in case he needs assistance. It has been our pleasure to share his company on a daily basis as a constant reminder of how strong we can all be despite life's limitations.

To this day Zephyr never ceases to amaze us as he bounds down the trail, leaps over logs and runs for miles and miles pulling in harness and never missing a beat. On the trail he doesn't know the word quit, that is until he sees the couch waiting at home!

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